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Sui Southern Gas Pipelines. Like in other parts of South Asiathe custom of dowry is practised in Pakistan, [62] and conflicts related to it often result in violence, even dowry deaths. Women-only entrepreneurship training in pakistan". The trail attracted thousands of Europeans and Americans in the s and s who travelled via land through Turkey and Iran into India through Pakistan. Inan orphaned, thirteen-year-old girl Jehan Mina was allegedly raped by her uncle and his sons, and became pregnant. Shazia Hidayat was the only female athlete on the Pakistan team competing at the Olympics in Sydney, Australia, becoming the second woman to ever represent Pakistan in an Olympic event. Some Pakistani women who do not wear the hijab may wear the dupatta or chadar instead.

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On the other hand, Pakistan's relations with Iran have been strained at times due to sectarian tensions.

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Women in Pakistan

Ministry of Women Development. The country's tourist destinations range from the Buddhist ruins of Takht-i-Bahi and Taxilato the 5,year-old cities of the Indus Valley Civilization such as Mohenjo-daro and Harappa. Had General Ayub Khan run fair elections, Ms. Gender and Education in Pakistan Hardcover 1st ed. The PPP was followed by conservative Pakistan Muslim League Nand over the next decade the leaders of the two parties fought for power, alternating in office while the country's situation worsened; economic indicators fell sharply, in contrast to the s.

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