The biting sperm whale

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It may have been used for acoustic stunning, which would have caused the bodily functions of a target animal to shut down from exposure to the intense sounds. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Johns Hopkins University Press. Toothed whale remains found consist of beaked whales such as Messapicetus gregariusancient pontoporiids such as Brachydelphis mazeasioceanic dolphinsand the raptorial sperm whale Acrophyseter. Johns Hopkins University Press. Retrieved 3 July

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Unlike in the modern sperm whale, the premaxillae reached the sides of the snout.

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More Than A Mouthful

Scaldicetus is now used as a wastebasket taxon. Livyatan is an extinct genus of sperm whale containing one species: Deeply rooted teeth Giant head Sonar. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. Lowering the temperature increases the density to have it act as a weight for deep-sea diving, and raising the temperature decreases the density to have it pull the whale to the surface. It had a spermaceti organ which was probably used for biosonar like in the modern sperm whale.

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the biting sperm whale
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the biting sperm whale
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